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20160613 Global Forum - Body Language in Different Countries (肢體語言大不同)

2016 Global Forum --- Body Language in Different Countries (肢體語言大不同)

This is an all-English forum. 【本場講座全程以英文進行】




Date and Time: June 13, 2016, 19:00-21:40

Venue: Lecture Room #1, International Conference Hall, Kuang Fu Campus

日期時間: 2016.06.13 (一) 19:00-21:40

辦理地點: 國際會議廳第一演講室 (光復校區)


"Body Language in Different Countries" is a forum about mutual understanding between people in different cultures. There is always difference between people. Sometimes it can be very easy to know how others think. But sometimes not. For example, the same gesture can be read as many different meanings. Even more, sometimes sexual harassment happens because of different culture background. To know the difference, we start a conversation. Body Language in Different Countries is a forum to get started. We invite all the local and international students to join this forum. Please come and join us!

「你知道這世界本就是欠缺激情與邏輯的,我們才不甘心平淡,所以我們發瘋的姿態才會那麼好看。」--鄭執 一生總要給自己一次機會,將激情與邏輯盡情碰撞,摩擦異文化的火光,照亮某段特殊的旅程。

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