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【GIFT】 Global Professional Internship Alliance Platform Project

The Ministry of Education  is  implementing the Global Professional Internship Alliance Platform  " (GIFT) Project to retain outstanding foreign talents for Taiwan and   to   help foreign students  finding workplace internship opportunities, so that students can understand their career direction   and help Taiwanese companies cultivate international freshmen.

Services   offered   by   the   GIFT   platform :

  1. Bilingual interface: English translation is  available in this platform to reduce language barriers for foreign students.
  2. Cross-school service targets: all students or graduates under the age of 30 in Taiwan can use the IFT platform for free
  3. Participated by well-known enterprises: 347 companies such as Unity Group, Giant, Magis Tire, Taiwan Financial Research Institute , Yuanta Futures etc.
  4. Three kinds of mentors: There are three mechanisms for professional, career and career mentors to guide students.
  5. Member grading system: divided into general members, advanced members, and elite members recommended by internship organizations.


Please fill in   the  electronic questionnaire (  https://zh.surveymonkey.com/r/ DFYXCMS )and  share it with your  classmates.


If you have any suggestions or comments,  you are   welcome to  contact the administrative personnel of this project :

Chen Xingyu Manager hsingyu@thu.edu.tw (04)2359-0121#35527


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