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The "2020 Employment Meeting for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students in Taiwan" is scheduled to be held from September to November, and registration is free from today!


In order to assist domestic enterprises in recruiting overseas talents, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will organize 3 "Employment Matchmaking Meetings for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students in Taiwan" starting in September 2020, inviting overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and foreigners in Taiwan to participate and cooperate with domestic enterprises. Conduct on-site one-on-one interviews. By employing talents who are familiar with the native language of various countries and local business habits and culture through this activity, it will be the best bridge for the industry to expand overseas markets.


Participating manufacturers are not limited to industries, and there is no restriction on recruitment and vacancy categories. There is no need to pay registration fees. You only need to apply to join Contact Taiwan as a corporate member and complete the recruitment and vacancy publication on the website to participate in the matchmaking meeting for free . Through matching activities, in addition to broadly recruiting suitable talent resumes, you can also screen the negotiation list online in advance, and interview job applicants from multiple countries at one time, saving money and time, and effectively facilitating the matching between enterprises and talents.


The first event of the year will be held in Hall B , 10th Floor , The Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu on September 25. The schedule of other events is detailed in the table below. Repeat registration is allowed. This is a rare opportunity. The places for each session are limited. Registration is open today , so please take advantage!


※The number of applicants for the "Employment Matching Association for Overseas Chinese in Taiwan" has been increasing year by year, and the number of participants is limited. Therefore, if you want to participate, it is recommended to complete the enterprise membership application and inventory the talent recruitment requirements and publish the job vacancies in advance to facilitate the event registration Qualifications, successfully complete the registration assignments, and avoid missing opportunities to participate.

※For the registration process, please refer to: Enterprise Membership Application- Registration Activities- Remittance SOP 

※Go to register: https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/2020EVENT

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