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【活動轉知】2020職涯講座與媒合會 2020 Career Talk & Employment Meeting for NCKU, CNU, STUST

"Grasp first-hand recruiting information!

Gain valuable insights from 7 leading enterprises!

Develop your competitiveness in the workplace!"


時間:2020年10⽉27⽇(⼆) 14:00-17:00

地點:國⽴成功⼤學 國際會議廳第⼆演講室&第三演講室


Date:Tuesday October 27, 2020, 14:00~17:00

Venue:International conference room, Lecture Room 2 & Lecture Room 3, NCKU

Sign up HERE: https://www.contacttaiwan.tw/main/docDetail.aspx?docid=11022&lang=1&uid=658  




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