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「成蝶臺越人才培育獎學金」獎學金申請 NCKU Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship


    NCKU Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship







       1. 申請資格:凡為越南國籍且不具備僑生身分無中華民國戶籍之本校在學學位生,並符合下列申請


2. 申請條件:在本校就學一學期以上、具有正式學籍之國際學生,且前一學期學業平均成績及操性成



       1. 每學期共補助6個名額。

2. 每位受獎人可獲1,000元美金/30,000元臺幣乙次。





      1. 申請書:包含自傳、生涯規劃及其他具備傑出人才潛力的說明。

      2. 前一學期成績單、在學證明

     3. 護照或居留證影本

     4. 其他補充資料:如語文能力檢定證書、特殊傑出表現證明等有利於審核之文件。


    1. 申請:申請人須在申請時間內繳交申請資料。

    2. 審查:由補助單位越南勇源基金會、廣泰金屬工業股份有限公司、及榮剛材料科技股份有


    3. 核定:補助單位核定獲獎名單後,由本校通知獲獎人,並公佈於本組網頁。

    4. 撥款:獲獎人須提供補助單位指定之郵局或銀行帳戶後,由補助單位進行撥款。

※獎學金申請書連結: https://pse.is/wul2e


聯絡人:國際事務處 李小姐 Email: Scholarship@email.ncku.edu.tw


NCKU Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship

I. Purpose

National Cheng Kung University (hereafter as "NCKU") establishes a talent cultivation program for industry-university cooperation. As Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy of developing Taiwan-Vietnam educational cooperation and exchanges is announced, this program is made to encourage outstanding Vietnamese students to study in Taiwan.

With the purpose of cultivating outstanding talents of ASEAN with international professionalism and competence, the Vietnam Yongyuan Foundation invited Guangtai Metal Industry Co., Ltd. and Ronggang Material Technology Co., Ltd. to cooperatively support and provide the university’s outstanding Vietnamese students with living allowances through this special establishment–NCKU Butterfly-ASEAN Scholarship.

II. Application Eligibility

  1. Eligibility: All degree students of NCKU who hold a Vietnamese nationality, with the exclusion of under the status of overseas Chinese students and who have held the Republic of China (ROC Taiwan) nationality.
  2. Requirements: Eligible applicants are those enrolled at NCKU as international students who have completed their first semester of study at NCKU and achieved both 80 or above of an average academic grade and conducting score in the previous academic semester.

III. Scholarship quota and amount

  1. Number of awards: A maximum of 6 students per academic semester.
  2. Scholarship awardee receives a total of USD 1,000/NTD 30,000 at once.

IV. Application Period

Applicants shall submit an application to the International Student Affairs Division under the Office of International Affairs during the period from November 1st to November 30th in the fall semester, or during the period from May 1st to May 31st in the spring semester.

V. Application Documents

  1. Application form: Including autobiography, career planning, and others.
  2. An academic transcript for the last semester, and a certificate of enrollment.
  3. Photocopy of the passport or residence permit.
  4. Other supplementary documents: such as language proficiency test certificate, outstanding performance certificate, other documents that facilitate reviewing.

VI. Reviewing Procedure

  1. Application submission: Applicants must submit application materials within the application period.
  2. Reviewing: The committee consists of Vietnam Yongyuan Foundation, Guangtai Metal Industry Co., Ltd., and Ronggang Material Technology Co., Ltd.Limited company will review the submitted applications.
  3. Decision: After the granting unit verifies the list of winners, the school will notify the winners and publish them on the website.
  4. Appropriation: The award recipients must provide the post office or the bank account designated by the subsidizing unit, and then the subsidizing unit will allocate funds.

※ Scholarship application form: https://pse.is/wul2e

※ Please email all the required documents and application form to Scholarship@email.ncku.edu.tw before November 30th, 2020 (Monday).

Contact Person: Ms. Gina Lee, International Student Affairs Division, 

Office of International Affairs

Email: Scholarship@email.ncku.edu.tw

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